Monday, May 28, 2012

Rare of the Week

Rare today! But yours soon! It is sadly for members this time, but I guess last week's non member wings sort of make up for that. :) Hurry!! These will ONLY SELL TODAY.

Oh, and see that "rare" badge on it? That means that the item you see is the rare. :) Just thought I'd clarify that. I'm sure you already knew that, but better safe than sorry, right? ;)


  1. Not Very Impressive.....
    i will buy probably about 3 of them so i can trade them to girls for super rares

    P.S. i added my own journey book system to my blog.

  2. Meep! Not a positively amazing rare that time... :/ *sigh* ah well... AJ HQ REALLY needs to do more nm ones. And the rare sign, if you ask me, gets things confusing. I mean, some people ONLY want rares WITH the rare sign, and others ONLY want rares WITHOUT the rare sign! 0.0



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