Saturday, June 23, 2012

I am BACK! :D

Hey everyone! I know I said I wouldn't be back until Monday, but here I am! Early! :D 

Lots of new things happened while I was gone, here they are:

Penguins are for EVERYONE!! :D More coming about the penguin party soon...

Crystal Sands Journey Book
Journey book in Crystal Sands! I haven't done it yet, but good luck to you all! :D

Arcade Sale!!

 This speaks for itself... xD

Hummingbirds! :D They're Coooool! :D

Pet Contest Riddle!!
I personally think it's going to be a FOX!! :D :D Click here to see the picture of a fox that my sister, Sasha, sent in. :) just scroll down a bit until you see it. I watched her draw these myself. She's AWESOME at drawing!!

Thanks for reading!! 

Oh, by the way, my Summer Camp was EPIC!! I had LOADS of fun, and made lots of new friends. It was GREAT! :D


  1. i update your blog twice as
    frequently as you...
    no offense...

    1. This is Amelia0308, and I think your comments are kind of rude, Snaper. I'm a busy person, and I don't always have time to post. And my blog look is totally up to me. Thank you for giving me your opinion, but you could have done it nicer...

  2. Hey Amelia,
    Sad news, I'm not playing animal jam anymore :( Parental rules. If I want to become an aerospace (avionics) engineer, I've got to buckle down on math and make math a "hobby" XD! :( You've been such an awesome friend, I though it would be nice to let you know and not just "not come back on ever again!" If you could, please let my friends, the ones that you know, know this :) First, your sister, 1w2w3w, Prince, Knight, Gowaw, Infernape, etc. :) Thanks for being an awesome friend!! Comment on my blog so I can hear from you!! Tell everyone to feel free to comment on there, at least I'll be able to talk on there!! :) I might come back on animal jam to give away my stuff, but until then, I'll miss you, ttys!!!! :) :)
    -Misty G. Royal

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( SADNESS!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :(
      I told 1w2w3w, and Prince, and my sister, I'll tell the others too. :(

  3. i don't like your new look of your blog.
    i hope the fox is an animal you can be not the pet.



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