Thursday, June 7, 2012


OMGosh there is so much new stuff this week!! :D
Here they are in order from least exciting, to most exciting. (in my opinion) :)

Hummingbird pets
First of all, there are hummingbird pets available in Animal Jam Outfitters:

It costs real money, which is a bummer. :(

Different Graphics
All the clothing in your inventory and stores have different graphics. I don't know whether to call it beter or worse, so it's just... different. xD

Pet Contest
Next, there is a pet contest! Be sure to send in your ideas! It should be fun! :D

New Pop-up
Now this thing pops up when you're being mean, or saying innapropriate things. It popped up when I said "OMGosh" so idk... It pops up, and stays there for about 10 seconds. It's kind of annoying when you're not doing anything bad, but it's useful to stop those that are!

Bigger Den Item Inventory!

You can now have 300  den items instead of only 200!! This is a great relief to me, because my inventory is always full! D: So now it's not going to be as full! yay! :D Sadly, this feature is only available for members... Which I will NOT be in a few days... Oh well! It's still awesome!

NonMember Penguin!!

The new non member animal is a PENGUIN!! I kind of thought it would be the horse, but oh well. :) It's still AWESOME! :D In a few weeks, I suspect we will see many more penguins around Jamaa. ;)

The Summer carnival is finally here! :D It's open all day long, every day of the week, for the WHOLE SUMMER!
There is so much stuff to do there, and this post is already SUPER long, so just have fun exploring it!! :D

Thanks for reading! 


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