Monday, June 4, 2012

Rare Star Cape, and Some New Items

 Today's rare! For Non Members! :D It's in the Mount Shiveer store. Enjoy! =)

A crystal carrot! Schweeet!

Also, in the Appondale Animal Museum, there are some new items:

Giraffe stuff! :D

Amd, just to let you know, the poll asking how you found out about my blog will not be closed until next June. I want to look back next year and see how most people found out about it. So far, it's from links on other people's blogs.
Thanks for reading today, guys! :)

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Hey guys! Thanks for reading my blog today! Please be honest with your comments. I won't know how to make my blog better if nobody says how I could improve it. :) I love to hear how great my blog is, but if you DON'T like it, tell me so i can know WHY. :)
Thanks so much!

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