Tuesday, July 3, 2012

BIG July Update!

Lots of new things this week!!! 

A new member den! Cool! I haven't seen one yet, but it seems cool! :D

 Here's the preview of it!

A new game! Falling Phantoms! It's super fun! I got 1st on my first try :3 


The point is to try and avoid the phantoms. Easy, right?

The World Map now has labels! Now it's easy for new people to see where they can play games, shop, and watch videos!

A couple new clothing items. One at the carnival!

Umm, ok? Kinda weird, but maybe some people will like it! :D
A new member den item:
 I think it would look nice in the new den! What about you?

The new pet IS going to be a fox! I knew it! (so did everyone else.. it was pretty obvious...) 

I can't wait to see all da cute wittle foxes!! ^-^


In honor of tomorrow being July 4th (xD) there is a FREEDOM PARTY!!!
I haven't been to it yet, but my sister has, and she said I could use her pictures! Thanks Sis! :D 

I LOVE the 4th of July!! fireworks are AMAZING!! They're so pretty (: And now, jammers can buy their own at the Freedom party!

Only one for non members... :( Oh well! :D At least there IS one! :D

Some cool clothing:

There's also a new sticker for the Jam-a-grams! :D

Enjoy your 4th of July tomorrow!! And don't start any fires! :P lol

Thanks for reading!

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