Thursday, August 30, 2012

The monkeys are back!!! Some people are VERY excited about it! 
Here's Schiebeplanenwagen's monkey! :D

Welcome back, monkeys!
There are some new videos to celebrate their return.

Plants are BACK!! Well, some of them at least... What do you think? Will the rest of the plants come back too? Or is this it?

You can now BUY tickets.
Basically, you pay 1 gem for 2 tickets. So something like this...

Would cost you 5,000 gems.... Hmmm, is it really worth it? Maybe not for THAT, but for the little plushies, I think it is ^-^

 Just so you all know, this blog will no longer have everything new that comes out in AJ. That's what Snowyclaw's blog is for, and I simply don't have time to post whenever something new comes out.... 

so, this blog will now be just for fun! :D 

I'll be posting just random stuff, and I hope you enjoy reading some of it anyways. :)

Thanks for reading!

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