Monday, September 10, 2012

Den Makeovers!

 Hey guys! My good friend PeppyWolf had an AWESOME idea!
She suggested that I let people sign up for den makeovers!

 Here's how it would work:

I'd take a picture of your empty den.

Then I would make a cut-out of some den items. Here are just a few to give you an idea:

I would use these cut-out den items to design your den! Like this:

This is a test I did. My little sister (you know, the ARTIST! ^-^) helped me cut some of them out because she is so AWESOME! :)
But here's how it works! If you want to sign up for a DEN MAKEOVER! Post a comment on my new page! 
Den Makeovers! 

Thanks for reading!

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Hey guys! Thanks for reading my blog today! Please be honest with your comments. I won't know how to make my blog better if nobody says how I could improve it. :) I love to hear how great my blog is, but if you DON'T like it, tell me so i can know WHY. :)
Thanks so much!

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