Friday, September 7, 2012


Hey guys! Another post on one of my FAVORITE den items! :D 


Shoji screens are one of the most versatile AJ items. They can be used as walls, windows, doors, you name it! :D

They're very useful for adding on to your den.  I added another room onto my den with the simple use of a couple of shoji screens! :D

Shoji screens come in many different colors. Here's my favorite color variety:

Shoji screens are perfect for any den! And look what they can do!

Well, no need to fear, Daredevil! Duchess CleverClaw is on the job! :D

No problem! :D
Den, COMPLETE! :D Daredevil is now on her way to a very AWESOME den! :D

Shoji screens can only be bought at the Dinner party, so they are semi-rare. Well, at least, they're hard to get. But once you get some, YAY! hehe! :D

Enjoy! Let your imagination run wild! With SHOJI SCREENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe!! :D

Thanks for reading!

Let me know if you really hate, or really like these "den item" posts. :) 

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