Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gerbils XD

Oh, and just in case y'all were wondering (hehe), here's what our gerbils looked like. These aren't really them, I just found them on Google. But they looked EXACTLY like this. No joke!

^Murpy                              Moe^


Mickey was mine. He was mean!! (hence, my email address: mickey.EVILgerbil :P) 
But isn't he cuuuuute??? 
They all three died this past year. Mickey' was the most recent death. Then Murphy's. (He was Sasha's) and then Moe. (Moe was HappyBatty's) 

But on a happier note, Halloween is coming up!!! I'm sure you noticed that from my post below, but just in case. ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aw! I love gerbils! We used to have some, too. Only they weren't ours, they belonged to the school Kiny and I used to go to, but we looked after them for quite a while, and Kiny named one of them. They were Fluffy and Treasure, Fluffy named by Kiny. They were nice little friends! They lived about four years, which is really long for gerbils, I think. We still have some sawdust they used!

  2. To cute! My sister used to have a hamster, he was about 3 when he started to go blind, his eyes got all cloudy, and he ran into his food bowl. It was kind of cute, but he died about 2 weeks after. Although I think those gerbils are adorkable. Like when I first seen 'em I was all like "D'aw!"

  3. @SilverDawn Thanks! :D and, Wow! that's really long for a gerbil!!! Usually, they're supposed to live for about 2 years!
    @Peppywolf Thanks! :D and, That's sad about the hamster. :( I once had one named Chrissy and she got sick and lost all her fur and went blind. DX Poor thing!!

  4. I had a friend who had a gerbil 0.0
    They Also had a ferret, and the ferret ate the gerbil DX

    1. Awww poor thing!! Ferrets ARE cute, though. But not when they eat poor little innocent gerbils!! >:(

  5. Moe looks evil with his red eyes (\_/)
    (- -)

  6. Moe looks SOOO evil with his red eyes (\_/)


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