Saturday, October 27, 2012


 Hellooo! XD
So, I've updated a couple pages:
Earning Gems
Jammer Spotlight

I decided to change "Jammer of the Week" to "Jammer Spotlight"! :D I don't update it weekly, so that's why. . . ;) 

And it seems that none of the polls on my blog (or anyone else's, for that matter) are working. They say that 0 people have voted. . . So if you could all vote again, that would be very much appreciated. :) 
Let me know if voting won't even work.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. Aargh I accidentally removed your comment. :/ The "delete" button is like right next to the "what page it's on" one... But I know what it said! :D
      You said you tried voting, and it still said 0 votes.
      And you said you'd not be on until next Monday because you have family over.
      thanks for letting me know about the poll, and have fun with the family!! :D

  2. Np, :D simple eror it could happen to anyone lol
    I will be checking blogs but I wont be on AJ

    1. I think I fixed the polls! Yay! :D
      And okay! Cool! :D
      BTW, there are 3 people on my blog right now! O.O Awesome!! :D hehehe!!!

  3. Theres a glitch on AJ right now DX glitches are snitches -3-
    If you try clicking somes playcard NOTHING happens


Hey guys! Thanks for reading my blog today! Please be honest with your comments. I won't know how to make my blog better if nobody says how I could improve it. :) I love to hear how great my blog is, but if you DON'T like it, tell me so i can know WHY. :)
Thanks so much!

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