Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gratitude Reminder

 Remember to post a list of at least 10 things you are grateful for!!
An extra comment of thanks will counts as a grateful comment, AND a regular comment!!!

You cannot win the giveaway without posting a gratitude list!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I know what I'm grateful for, easy peasy lemon squeezy! (NOT in order, just randomly).

    1. Treacle.
    2. Humbug.
    3. Samy.
    4. Paws.
    5. You.
    6. Sasha.
    7. Kinyonga.
    8. The rain.
    9. Horses.
    10. Maeday2, another random Jammer, who isn't random at all for me because she's my best friend in real life.

    Ok, that's it! :)

  2. Some more stuff I'm grateful for!

    11. My family.
    12. All the stray cats round here. (Too long to say all of them, there are a LOT.)
    13. The usual stuff, such as that we've got roofs over our heads, and food, and water, et cetera.
    14. I'm grateful for God, of course. What would we be without Him?

    And I don't know what ELSE I'm grateful for, and I'm sure I must seem pretty ungrateful like this, but yeah... I might remember later!

  3. Meep! Now, here's my stuff I'm grateful for:
    1. Cats
    2. Chameleons
    3. Trees
    4. Nature :p
    5. Family
    6. All the cats around here
    7. Our swimming pool XD
    8. AJ
    9. Snow
    10. Rain
    11. EVERYTHING! ;) (apart from the hacker, Hitler, etc)


  4. AAAAHHHH! I see Sasha is ahead of me!! EEEEEK!! DX DX DX Nooooooooooo! Boohooo!! DX Lol! :p Well, let me think of something to put in this comment...hmmm... do you like languages?


  5. Ooops, I guess that should have gone in your ask you page :p Well, anyway, erm... Meep!! I'm also thankful for rivers, sea, fish, hot chocolate and books!


  6. Ooooops, I just noticed that you put on the top left side-ish of your blog, showing how many comments we need of each XD lol November seems SOOOO long to me now, I need to get to the end of it to win!


  7. I'm thankful for...

    1. My family
    2. My friends
    3. My education (Yes, I usually enjoy school :P)
    4. The library, the librarian, and books. (I guess they all sorta go together)
    5. Anime
    6. K-pop
    7. All my teachers that have fueled my love for art and writing.
    8. My home
    9. Banana-strawberry smoothies. Yum.
    10. Cats! >(^.^)<

    I know my list is a bit cheesy, but kitties are awesome. 'Nuff said.

  8. I just realized Immuna need to step up my game to get the most comments ;3

  9. But than again, not everyone has quite enough ryhming comments ^-^

  10. @Everyone Great thankful lists! :D I'll update the sidebar thing once it lets me log in. Firefox is having a problem and won't let me log in... hence the "Anonymous" comment.. DX
    @Kinyonga Yes, I DO like languages, but I MUCH prefer English. ;) I'm learning German, and I don't like it as much as I like English... lol


  11. Hmm.... I'm considering makin' another list...

  12. How many views do you have right now?



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