Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monthly Giveaway Update

Here's your update on the monthly giveaway! :D
 It changes (almost) every day, so check the sidebar over 
there at the top of the page

So far, 

 Starrygem and Trinh6 are tied for 1st with a total of 10 comments each.
StarryGem still needs 4 rhyming comments,
Trinh6 still needs 2 rhyming comments

Kinyonga is in 2nd place, with a total of 9 comments.
She still needs 4 rhyming comments.

Schiebeplanenwagen is in 3rd with a total of 8 comments.
He still needs 4 rhyming comments as well.

PeppyWolf is in 4th with a total of 5 comments.
She also needs 4 more rhyming ones.

Keep commenting, and good luck to all 5 of you! (and anyone else who decides to give it a go :3) 
You still have more than half of the month left! :D
Thanks for reading!


  1. 4 more ryhmess... that might take time, oh well that's fine. I can find time ;3

  2. Meep! I like to beep! And cheep! And be a total CREEP!

    ~Kinyonga who is signed into her sister's account - AGAIN

  3. Ok, sorry about that last comment... It was just VERY random XD Now... Hmmmm... What can I comment that's interesting? I know! What are YOU thankful for?

    ~Kinyonga who is still signed into her sister's account

  4. @ both Nice rhymes! :D hehee!!
    @Kinyonga I'm thankful for LOTS of stuff!! :D It would take too long to say everything, but here are a few
    My family
    Jesus Christ
    My house
    And LOTS more! :D How about you?


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