Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Weekly Scrap :)

Hey! So it looks like we DEFINITELY will reach my goal of 6000 views! :D There are already 5700!! only 300 more to go! :D
But... I still only have 13 members... Please please please join my blog, if you can!!! :)
And here's a neat idea by Trinh6! Please help her out, and volunteer for one or more positions! :D

The Weekly Scrap

Have you ever dreamed of being a newspaper reporter? Well here's your chance to work for The Weekly Scrap, I Heart Animal Jam's weekly newspaper/updater. Here's some further instructions.
The Weekly Scrap comes out every Saturday or Sunday afternoon. If you are part you'll need to send it in by Saturday morning. If you don't do your job 3 times, sorry--you're fired!
To get a part, just send me an email telling me what part you want to do, your screen name, your first entry, and which weeks you can't do it. We'll need two of each, for backup, just in case. If I can't make the newspaper, there will be a backup email for you to send it to so it at least gets posted.

Here's what I need, and a brief description.
  • A reporter that tells all the new items of that week, including Rare Item Monday. Includes pictures. People needed: 2
  • A reporter that tells about the contest and who is winning. People needed: 2
  • A reporter that gives ideas to dress and decorate your den. People needed: 1
  • A reporter that tells about fun games to play on Animal Jam. People needed: 1
  • A reporter that covers anything else. However many people want to can do this job.
You can email me at: ella.girlscout@gmail.com
I signed up to be a reporter that gives ideas for how to dress and decorate your den! :D Trinh6 still needs one more for that, though, and loads more for the other slots!! Please sign up, and tell your friends! :D
Thanks for reading!


  1. The weekly scrap sounds really cool! Last year we had a class newspaper, me, and 2 friends got to be editors because we were getting the highest english grades. We got to think of all the different sections (25 :P), put it together, and have a section of are own to do! I did movie reviews :3 My bestest friends didn't get to be editiors though :( But their sections were; a year in review, and "girls fashion". It was a really fun, and hard, end of the year project!

  2. Also I love the picture at the begining of this post!

  3. Ya, but like, what do u do in Weekly Scrap??



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