Monday, December 17, 2012


 Check out my new blog! :D Don't worry, it's not replacing this one, just an additional one that YOU can all be authors on! :D 

It's just a work in progress, so there will be many changes and updates and more intersting stuff including music, pages, cool text, and posts! XD for now there's just one. One lonely little post. 

Be sure to check it out! :D And commenting on it will also count for the giveaway! :) 

And remember - ANYONE CAN BE AN AUTHOR! Just email me at, or comment letting me know what your email is and I'll send you the author request ASAP! :D 
Thanks for reading!

(who is too lazy to add her signature :P) 


  1. Woah!!!! It's awesome!!!


  2. Replies
    1. So am I, I'm just replying to all your's X3 Woo Hoo!

  3. The song that's playing is making me hungry ;_;

  4. Om nom nom nom. I'm eating chocolate now. Nom nom.

  5. Ugh, I might not be able to comment as much over the break T^T So I'll type up as many as I can now >:D

  6. Do you want to join my blog? Animal jam moose?

  7. Thanks for letting me author, Duchess!


Hey guys! Thanks for reading my blog today! Please be honest with your comments. I won't know how to make my blog better if nobody says how I could improve it. :) I love to hear how great my blog is, but if you DON'T like it, tell me so i can know WHY. :)
Thanks so much!

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