Thursday, December 6, 2012

Prizes and Flashbacks

 Prizes are posted! :D Check 'em out on the Monthly Giveaway Page!

And more blogs have been added to the "More Blogs" page! :D Schiebeplanenwagen's book blog, 1w2w3w's book blog and his AJ blog!
I thought this was pretty :3
 And here's a random picture of me as a member!

Not much different than my non-member self, eh? lol
 the main thing missing is the sword XD

 Course, my DEN was a bit different...
Sorta.. lol I've actually kept a lot of stuff similar! notice any offhand??

Anyways, have a great day! No time to publish/reply to comments, but I DID count them! They're over there

Thanks for reading!


  1. Snowy snow-leopards snorted sneakily!

  2. Kute Kangaroos krunched krazily! XD

  3. Lions lolled lazily, lying like leopards in London!

    Totally weird, I know!

  4. Duchess, if you want to see something that'll make you SICK make a new account, wait, and look at Liza when she pops up. I almost DIED when I saw that.

  5. D: AJ HQ is REALLY mad. Poor peeps. Thoroughly CUCKOO. They're muddled in the head!

  6. Oh, and you know what? Normally when you're talking to Liza when you've just made an account, she says stuff about Mira etc. Guess what? She's STOPPED.


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