Saturday, January 19, 2013

Den, Reminder, and Art!

 I finally got my den back to its normal non-holiday look XD

And here's a little reminder for you guys:

You only have a couple more weeks to write your animal essays. And here's an additional prize:
The winning essay will be featured on my "Animal Facts" page! 

So be sure to research your favorite animal and write a 2 paragraph minimum report on  it! :D 

And here are some more cats I drew :3

Scary black cat XD

And this is Heatherpaw's apprentice ceremony from my book! :D The black and white cat is Eagleflight, and the tortoiseshell is Heatherpaw! :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. WOw! Chouette! (Chouette - pronounced shwet - is a French bird meaning owl, but it also means cool :b)
    I'll enter your contest! Sorry, I forgot...

  2. The drawings are really awesome (and choutte! :b), but if you want some criticism maybe Eagleflight's head has a bit too much angle? Perhaps it's just me ;)

  3. Thanks! :D And yes, I don't think I got Eagleflight's head quite right... but it was the best I could do XD


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