Thursday, February 7, 2013


I've been sorely neglecting this blog... Sooo... i'm gonna POST! :D 
I don't know what about, but here goes nuthin'! >:D 
Taken from

Taken from
Taken from
 Okayyy enough with the random pictures from other people's blogs... lol I've not been able to go to one of the friedship parties yet this year, so I just took the pictures off Google. You can click the links to go the blogs I found 'em from! :D I'm sure they're great too! :) And I hope the authors don't mind me using their pics..? I DID say I got it from them, after all. ;) 

Anywho, Valentine's Day is coming up. For us kids, that's not a time to get all mushy, I think it's a time to show love to EVERYONE! Not the mushy love, but kindness. 
Like being nice to everyone. Even if they're not nice to you, just do it! You may be surprised at people's reaction to simple NICENESS. Woah, that's a word O.O I was expecting it to come up as a non-word.. XD lol niceness, niceness niceness! XDDD hehehe


Thanks for reading!


  1. Are you still doin the contest? If yes i didn't see the new postand posted some comments down below! :P

    1. The alliteration contest? No, I'm afraid not.. sorry.. but that was some mighty marvelous alliteration, there! :D

  2. I agree about Valentine's Day :D


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