Saturday, February 2, 2013

Random... XD

REMINDER!!! ONLY ONE MORE WEEK TO ENTER THE ANIMAL ESSAY CONTEST!!!! PLZ ENTER WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME! So far only four people have entered... lol Not much competition. ;P 
So please, please PLEASE enter!! :D
 Here's a reminder, but you can also click here to go to my contest page.

Animal Essay Contest

Contest opens January 11th, and closes February 10th

Everyone who wants to enter must write a two paragraph (or more) essay on your FAVORITE animal! You may either send it to, or post it on your blog and give me the link, OR simply copy and post it onto a comment. I won't publish the comment containing your essay until after the contest is over. .-.
Here's what I'll be looking for when I make my decision:
1) Good grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 
2) TRUE facts
So go ahead! Research your favorite animal, and type what you know about it! :D 

*Extra credit* 
 Include pictures of your animal, or links to the pictures ^-^

I haven't decided on the prizes yet, but there will be a prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and it will be an Animal Jam item. (or perhaps items... ;) AND ALL the essays will be featured on The Animal Jam Safari! My Other blog! Click here to go to it! :D 
The WINNING Essay will be featured on the Animal Facts page on THIS blog! :D Click here to go to that as well. :3

How do you like my Valentine's look? I guess I was in the mood to re-do my blog, and since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I thought I'd do a themed look! :D Sorry to all you guys who hate pink... ;p

REMEMBER: If you would like a banner, I make them for FREEEEE! :D So just ask me, tell me what you'd like it to look like, and I'll make it! :))
 Here is a random picture of what the Jamaa Journal USED to look like! Wow! Buddy Games were NEW then!! D: 
Does anyone remember when they used to have the "Overheard in Jamaa" section on the home page? I DO!! I liked it! I always hoped to see my name "MISS CleverClaw" (at the time it was "Miss" instead of "Duchess". I got sick of people calling me "Miss! Miss!" LOL! It was QUITE annoying... ;P) 

Thanks for reading!

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