Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brownie, Karate, and a Request :3

 Awwwwwz! These ADORABLE pictures of Brownie were taken by my sister, FrostWolf (formerly known as SleepySasha) 

Isn't she CUTE?!? I mean, how can you look at that face and not go, "awwww!!" I luv her. :3 

Here's a list of all the tricks that she knows! 

Roll over
Paw (or "shake hands") 
Lay down
Play piano
Stop playing piano
Spin in a circle
Speak (bark :3) 

and I think that is it! Would any of you like to see a video of her doing any of those tricks?? They're ALL SOOO CUTE! ^.^ Let me know and I'll post one sometime this coming week! :D

Anyways, today was our last day of karate before break. Well, at least, our last day of black belt training. And today I qualified for the 5 minute V-sit! :D If you don't know what a v-sit is, here's a picture of it

Except you can't touch your legs. I don't know if the guy in the picture is touching his legs or not... but anywho! and I also did the 5 minute spider (also required) last night! :D Yay! ^.^ (if you don't know what a "spider" is, it's where you have to stay on your hands and feet and alternate lifting one leg, one hand, one leg, one hand, or whatever without setting down. It sounds easy, but try doing it for 5 minutes...)

Our group of candidates is up to 2045 pushups for the 4 weekends that we've had our training... Fun, right? ;P 

Guys, another thing I would like to mention is please do not spam up the "ask Amy" page... I've noticed a lot of random comments on there that are completely NOT questions.. The only reason I ask this is because that page fills up a LOT and I often have to delete comments to make room for more. So PLEASE go comment-crazy on a post, or a different page or something... Thanks! :D 

You guys are all AWSHUM! ^.^ 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Your karate sounds HARD! I can't do like any sport except soccer. I play like a boss. Just kidding! But I am pretty good..

  2. Your dog is SUPER CUTE! My dog is cute too he has black spots and is white. I should probably not comment this much anymore... sorry about me being the one with the random comments :(

    1. That's okay, Pupp! you didn't know! I'm just letting EVERYONE know. :) Don't feel bad!

  3. Awwwww! Brownie is adorable! :D
    Karate sounds hard... oof!

  4. BLurb... I wonder if that's a word... hmmm


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