Monday, March 11, 2013

Phillippians 4:13

 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
 Phillippians 4:13

I just LOVE this scripture! It's really meant a lot to me as well these past couple weeks during my karate classes... they are REALLY tough.. But I really feel that Christ has been strengthening me and helping me to get through it and to have a good attitude as well. :) 

If you're ever going through a hard time, I hope that you can remember this scripture. It really is true. Whenever you are going through a hard time, pray. God will help you. He loves you soooo much! You are literally one of his Spirit Children, and He loves you more than you can even imagine being loved! 

Have any of you ever been through a hard time, but were able to make it because of the Lord's help? I'm sure that you have, even if you didn't realize that it was the Lord helping you through it. 

Just remember that scripture. :) 
"I can do all things" no just some - all things
 "through Christ which strengtheneth me." 

He will help you. :) 

 Thanks for reading!


  1. Do you think it's weird i'm stalking your blog. Every move. Every century. Every decade. Every year. Every month. Every week. Every day. Every minute. Every second. Every millisecond. XD FIRST POST

    1. Well, it IS a bit strange, but I don't mind XD lol It hasn't even been around for a century OR a decade, or even a whole year :P lol U r crazy XP

    2. Lol i'm not really stalking it, I just LUV creeping people out... HEHEHE... NOTICE LUV IS BIG XD Listenin' to 1D now... You're jealous...;D


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