Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hiya! I feel like randomly telling you a bit about what I did today! :D


(in case you didn't know, stuffing is my absolute favorite food EVER :3) 

Hehehe! :D 

I was thinking about changing my blog to look more like Spring, but then I don't really want to part with how it looks right now.. What do you guys think?? 
Also, the Animal Jam Safari (my old community AJ blog) is no longer going to be about Animal Jam! 
CLICK HERE to see it! :D And I could use a few more authors... :3 

AAaannnd... hmm.. I can't think of anything else! So I'll copy what I posted on Life's Written Truth today! :D Here it is! :) 

Did you know that if you help a chick hatch out of its egg, it will die? It will not have the physical strength to endure LIFE if it doesn't have the oppurtunity to strengthen itself by breaking out of its egg.

You're probably thinking "Erm.. Ok? What does that have to do with me?"
Patient, young grasshopper. It will make sense in a moment. :) 

Sometimes in life, we go through hard things. We might feel like giving up, or we might just want others to make our problems go away. But is that really wise?

When we are going through hard times, WE ARE BEING STRENGTHENED. God knows just what we need, and he gives us trials to teach us, help us grow, and refine us.

So next time you're going through a hard time, think of it as something to learn and grow from, not something that will weaken you. Trials are blessings in disguise. :)

 Anywho, have a GREAT day! :D
Thanks for reading!


  1. I like the music on this blog for some weird reason.. ........ im bored like always

  2. Wow... Really big insperation! Thanx XD

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