Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hello! So, yes, obviously my previous post was nothing more than an April Fools joke! XD I mean, seriously, can you really imagine me living in a hut and going in an OUTHOUSE!?!? ME who has my nails painted all the time, hardly goes anywhere without putting at least a bit of eye makeup on, and can't stand mosquitoes! DX lol Needless to say, I would NEVER live in a hut without any modern conveniences of any kind... XD 

So, a couple things. 
First of all, I've made an art page! Well, CHANGED a page to BE the art page... lol I'll be adding some of my art to it ASAP, and Gerlach I would love to draw sumthin' for ya! ;D What would you like to see besides your name? O.O and what's your favorite color? Was it blue? I don't remember... DX 
And if anyone else wants me to draw something for you, make a request and I'd be happy to fill it! :D 

You may have also noticed the change in this Blog's look! SPRING IS HERE!! WAHOOO!!!!! I'm soooo happy! I was sick of winter D: So now I made my blog look like Spring too! ^.^ The header doesn't quite fit which I'm kinda bummed about.. :/ 
Also, do you want to hear about some of the April Fools jokes I played in real life? I'm assuming you're nodding your head right now, so here goes! >:D 

-I texted my friend (I will call him "John" for this, but that's not really his name), John, and told him that I was moving like 20 minutes away from where he lives now. (he moved about a year ago to a place that is 4 hours away from where I live.) Anywho, I told him that my dad got a job there and we were moving at the end of the school year. At first he was skeptical because it was April Fools day. (I mean, who WOULDN'T be?) But I insisted that it was no joke, and we really WERE moving. So eventually he believed me. John was excited (which I was glad to see... ;3), so then I felt horrible telling him that it really was a joke. DX But no hard feelings, John was totally cool with it. ;) 

-I texted my other friend (I will call her Jane), and told her that I was moving away. (she lives in the same town I do). But I told her right away that it was a joke. XD After the last experience with John, I didn't want to make Jane feel too terribly disappointed... 

-I told my BEST friend (I will call her Hannah) that I wasn't going to be able to come to the dance in a few weeks. :3 She was sad at first, and then I told Hannah that I really WAS going to come and it was all good. :D 

Did YOU play any April Fools jokes on anyone?
I HATE SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I do love April Fools day and it was sparkly :3

Y'all are awesome! 
(and no, I do not really say "Y'all", but it's quicker to type than "you guys"... and now the abbreviation is pointless because I just took the time to type this long explanation... gargh.... -.-)

And woahhhh I just realized that there are a LOT of words on this post, and NO pictures.. O.O 

*Adds pictures* There! :D Much better! ^.^ (note: I did NOT take any of them)

Thanks for reading!
 p.s. New Siggy! ^.^ :D


  1. Ok so umm... you did not post the comment winners so far. I bet I am LOOSING

  2. Hehe pictures!!
    P.S. You hate spongebob?!?!


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