Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Bucket List And Funny Cats :3

Do you have a bucket list? I do! 
In case you're wondering what the heck a "bucket list" is, it's just a list of stuff you plan to do in the future. :) 

Here's mine! (Some of the things on it will obviously never happen :P)
(I added to it after seeing Kinyonga's and SilverDawn's comments... :D)

-I want to go skiing next year
-On my 90th birthday, I want to go sky diving XD
-I want to get a llama named Dolly :3
 -I want to play hide and seek at WalMart
-I want to go to England to be immersed in their amazing accents! xP
-I want to get into a good university and get the scholarship that is a full tuition scholarship!
-I want to get a 36 on the ACT (I'm taking it on June 8th)
-I want to get married to an amazing guy
-I want to have 3 or 4 kids. I already have names picked out for the first two girls and one boy:
Emily Joyce
Amy Cerise
Kenneth William
Whaddya think? :3
-I want to be the best Mom EVER!! :D
-I want to go on a mission for my church once I'm 19, and again once my husband is retired and our kids are grown up
-Have Kinyonga and SilverDawn visit Sasha and I in real life (we know each other in real life, but we've never met in person... if that makes sense..? haha :)
 -I want to become a best-selling author! >:D And a world-famous artist! But mostly the author... (:
And that's pretty much it right now. (:
Or at least that's all that I can think of at the moment... It's funny how you plan to type this whole long thing, and then once you sit down to actually write it, you draw a complete blank and you just end up typing something random and stupid, or a dumb excuse like the one I'm typing right at this moment...-.-

Here are some funny cat pictures :3

Mwahahahahaha!!! XD

Anywho... Have a great day! :D 

Thanks for reading!


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And cool bucket list :3
    Here're a couple of mine, in no specific order:
    1. Move back to our old house in England
    2. Get married, have children, send them to the same primary school I went to
    3. Go around the world and visit EVERY single country
    4. Learn to speak at least 9 languages
    5. Win a photo competition
    6. Get a tortoiseshell cat and call her Spice
    7. Get a whale skull
    8. Find the other half jaw bone of my fox skull
    9. Go skydiving
    10. Hold my breath for 10 minutes (current record is 1 min 41 seconds)
    11. Find a new kind of animal - not something small like a bug X3


    1. Hahaha! Awesome!! :D those would all be AMAZING things!! :D I added to mine once I saw some of the things on yours... :)

  2. Hahaha! :D Funny pics. ^.^
    This is my bucket list:

    1. To get married and have children.
    2. To be a good mother to my children. I think about this a lot and it means a lot to me.
    3. To publish and finish my stories.
    4. To draw something I'm really proud of.
    5. To learn Danish.
    6. To go to Norway and look about the place where Fern's Quest takes place.
    7. To get a Norwegian Forest Cat and share the tortoiseshell which Kinyonga said she wanted to get XD
    8. To get a horse!!! I want this so much, but it can't happen until I'm grown-up :(
    9. I hope this doesn't creep you out, but the last thing is to go to America and meet you and Frosty.

    P.S Kiny here! I say I want no.9 too :3

    1. oooOOoooh!! I want 1, 2, 3, 4, AND 9!!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!! It doesn't creep me out at all!! Frosty and I have wished for the same thing!! :D
      As with Kiny's, I added to mine once I read some of yours :3

  3. I THINK...
    kenneth william won't like you other two children very much.
    make sure, if you like, that both of you daughters are older than the boy, or they will fight, or if one gets something dangerous, do something dangerous to the other one. Just a tip on how somepeople think: don't let them tattle-tale on each other.
    (sorry my space key is broken) It's really infuriating and people like them more

    1. Awwwh Kent will like them cuz Em and Amy are gonna be AWESOME sisters to him :3 lol

  4. I want to have 7 or more children! I've picked out a few names too :b Helen Beatrice and Raine Marcia...I'd also like to call someone Faith, but I doubt I'll have that many girls. I like the names David, Oscar and Philip for boys, but I can't go naming too many future children otherwise I'll be set on my ideas and my future husband won't agree, and I'll be disappointed. I do think into the future a lot, don't I? :b
    Amy Cerise is a lovely name! Did you know that "cerise" means "cherry" in French?

    I don't really want to be FAMOUS, but I want to join the ranks of the great authors and artists of the world XD
    I want to go and be a hermit on some uninhabited Scandinavian island for a few years in between when I'm 19 and 23. Oops, I forgot; I'll be going to university then...oh well, I'll have to fit in being a hermit some other point. XD

    P.S Ze vun and only Kiny 'ere! Just vanted to say zat I iz amazing...oh, apart from zat - why do all your future kidz have 2 namez?
    ~Ze Kiny who'z spelling haz gone funny...
    *Silly Kiny! Hasn't she ever heard of middle names? She has two herself...*

    1. I think I knew that about Cerise at one time... It sounds familiar! :D I like the name! :) I've never heard of anyone with it, but I think it sounds pretty! :3
      Well, if you have 7 or more children you just might have that many girls! ;)

      p.s. LOL kiny! XD They're middle names. :3 hahaha

  5. I thought you were gonna use grumpy cat! Look him up if you don't know who I mean.


    1. LOL I know who Grump Cat is! He's funny XD

  6. On my bucket list I have. . .

    1. Get married to an AWESOME person
    2. Have 3/4 children
    3. Finish and publish books
    4. Draw a really great drawing
    5. Get a scholarship and go to an Ivy League School ^.^
    6. Go on a mission for my church
    7. Go to France, England and New Zealand! :3
    8. Be very successful in my life
    9. Meet Kinyonga and SilverDawn in real life :3
    10. Meet Sasha and Amelia in real life. . .AGAIN! XD
    11. Live near all my friends when I grow up ;D
    12. Own a horse when I grow up
    13. Own cats and their kittens when I grow up! :D:D
    14. To be a good mother to my children

    I already decided on my childrens' names, too! I want to have two girls and two boys. Their names will be:

    Victoria Ellen

    Virginia Mary

    Andrew James

    William Smith

    Although I'm not so certain about Virginia's and Victoria's names yet, because I really like the names Katrina and Alexandria. . .XD

    1. Leafa, how can you have 3/4 of a child? ;)
      I like the names you've picked out! :D I LOVE the name Alexandria too!! :D It's sooo pretty!! But so are the other three you like as well!

    2. My name is close to alexandria!

  7. I want to have kids.. I don't know how many I want the names to possibly be:
    Alexa Marie
    Kiara Lila

    Thats all I got.. never really thought about boys names, I can't think of any either!

    P.S. I like the name alexandria too! But I like alexa better, personally. And @ annonymous- Cool!


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