Saturday, May 11, 2013

Passed the test! :D

I passed the first of the two tests today!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! 




haha :) 

I was at karate for 5 hours today. First we cleaned the building for about 10 minutes or so, then we went outside and ran two miles.... I almost died... I had a really bad cold this morning too, so I was really worried about that run... but I did it! :D 

Then we had a bit of time to warm up and relax before the test began. The test lasted four hours, and almost all of it was really really hard... Ahhh it was so fun, though! :D 
Needless to say, I'm heading to the shower now. :) 

One more test, and then the graduation show! :D 

I'm gonna be changing the look of this blog soon! :) 

Thanks for reading!


    Well done!! ^.^ Now you've done this one, I'm *sure* you'll pass the next test easy-peasy! ;)



Hey guys! Thanks for reading my blog today! Please be honest with your comments. I won't know how to make my blog better if nobody says how I could improve it. :) I love to hear how great my blog is, but if you DON'T like it, tell me so i can know WHY. :)
Thanks so much!

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