Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FIRST Den Makeover!!

 Hey! This is for Ella/Trinh6/Chester! :D 
She asked me if I had any suggestions for her den. Well, here are just a couple that I have.

The purple is how you have it, the blue is what I would suggest.
But ultimately, the way you have your den is totally up to you! :D
Have fun! And be creative! 
It looks EPIC the way it is right now, too!!! :)

Thanks for reading!

p.s Trinh6 is now up to a whopping 28 comments!! Better hurry to catch up!!! :D


  1. I'm definitely going to do that! Thanks Duchess!

  2. And I really do hope I win that contest! 1 to 10 to 28 to a lot more!

  3. And yes, yes, you WILL have to hurry to catch up, 'cause I'll post 100 comments to win this thing! (And seriously, I would post 100 comments... I'm probably almost half-way there anyways...


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