Friday, November 30, 2012

Should I get my wolf back...?

I tried to follow my friend, Schiebeplanenwagen, to the Wolves Only Party, but this popped up...
 And it got me thinking:
Should I get Duchess Cleverclaw back??
I've had my fun, I've been a non member lion for a while. I think it's time to get Duchess BACK! 
What do YOU guys think???

Thanks for reading!
p.s. And what do you think of the music?? annoying? Cool? I don't care? AWESOME? what? lol


  1. well non-members can have two animals so keep your lion and still get a wolf but if for some reason you cant keep your lion if you get a wolf then i think you should get a wolf

  2. You can if you want! XD I put a poll up on my blog to decide which two animals to have... Meep! Maybe you should do the same!


  3. I think I'm gonna get her back, but I'll put a poll up just in case. I'll decide for sure sometime next week

  4. You should get your wolf back :D
    and you have 6,066 veiws O_O

  5. PLZ GET UR WOLF BACK!!! Remember I sent u a letter? I'm twixgirl101 UR A GREAT BUDDY!!

    P.S, Wolves Rock!! Stop killing them ppl!!

  6. You should get duchesss back :)

    1. I'm going to!! :D Tomorrow when I can use the fast computer, though. This one is just TOO slow! Well, I'll try it after I reply to s'more comments, but probably tomorrow. ;)
      Duchess is coming BACK!! :D


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