Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monthly Giveaway Winners

 It's HERE! The moment you've aaaallll been waiting for! This was SUPER close!!
The winner of November's Monthly giveaway is............

Kinyonga posted a whopping 100 COMMENTS!!

A VERY close second place goes to............

She posted exactly 99 COMMENTS!! Wow, can it get any closer?!?! 

Third place goes to................

STARRYGEM!!! (aka, SilverDawn)

She posted 35 COMMENTS!!

And last, but not least, fourth place goes to........

the one and only, the greatest sister EVER,


She posted 23 COMMENTS!!

So, Kinyonga, you get to pick your items first. What are you gonna choose? You get 3!
Then Peppywolf, after she chooses, you get to pick your two items! 
After that, StarryGem can choose one, followed by SleepySasha!

Congratulations to everyone who commented for this month's giveaway, and who has EVER commented! Comments are what let me know that people actually READ what I WRITE! lol 

A big thank you to everyone that entered!! ^-^

The total number of comments commented during this giveaway is.......

308 COMMENTS!!!!!! WOW!!!! GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December's monthly giveaway will start on MONDAY! So, whenever it's Monday your time, you can start commenting! :D I'll have the rules all figured out by then. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, congrats to the winners! I'm gonna try for December's giveaway :3

  2. Oooooohh! Meeeeep! I'm in third place! I NEVER would have thought I'd even be an honourable mention! WOW! But my amount of comments was PATHETIC compaired with Kinyonga and Peppywolf.....

  3. Wow! :D I can't BELIEVE it was SO close!!! O.O 100 - 99... Painful!! XD I'll comment on your other page and say what I'd like! :) You can send what I choose to ScaryBats.


  4. Ahem...I was just wondering...that if you could maybe tell us...maybe what the prizes are? *Blinks in that big, wide blink* Please? I might need to get my act together...

  5. Wow, just, wow X3 At least I got second *shrugs*

  6. @ Everyone
    Good luck this month! :D

  7. I'd lik to be on Monthly Givaway... OMG

    - twixgirl101


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