Friday, January 4, 2013


Do you ever have buddies that are just plain annoying? Well, I had an experience with one the other night.. she kept on bugging me to tell her how to get a member animal as a non-member. Here's how it all went. 
She sent me this Jam-a-Gram, so I went to my den to meet her..

When I got there, she promptly began questioning me about how to do it..

I told her that I couldn't tell her or anyone else because I had made a promise to a friend. Here's some of what went on. You can click the picture to make it bigger... 

 Once she finally got that I wouldn't tell her, then she started asking who told ME

That went on for a while too.... Finally, she stopped asking, and started whining...

So, I went to my friend Schiebeplanenwagen's den. It was locked at first, so she sent me a million jam-a-grams.. well, not LITERALLY a million, but you get my point. ;)

Finally, she started offering me RARES! I was like "NO WAY!!"

To wrap this up, I just want to show you what Schiebeplanenwagen said. It's SO true!

AMEN to that! I COMPLETELY agree! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. last night my friend did that to me! i was in a den that was locked i was guarding the den and then i got a jam a gram saying "come to your den" i was busy because i couldn't let anyone in there it was top sercet... so i sent back saying "i am busy" and then she says "can you tell them to unlock the den?" and the owner was in the room i couldn't go in so i sent back saying "the owner is in a room i cant go in" and then the owner got offline and then she sent me a letter saying "then tell everyone to come to your den!" and i said "i cant i have to guard bravestar!" bravestar was in the sercet room cant tell what she was doing its a sercet so anyways i wait for a wile then i get a letter saying "i want you mom!!!!!" the person is my kid in the game so the owner of the den was offline i had to guard this sercet room why cant people understand that!?! its so anooying

  2. If she asks you again say that AJ HQ fixed it. It's true - they did.

  3. Meep!! Thanks for not telling! :D It doesn't work the way I told you now anymore anyway DX but it MIGHT work when the membership expires and you try it, but I'm not sure...I'm going to try that with my arctic wolf when mine expires! XD


  4. I hate when people bug you so much and you just wanna scream "I said no! N-O! That spells no!" At them in real life.


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