Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Giveaway this Month

 Hello! So, you may have read the title of this post... It's true. This month, I'm taking a break from Giveaways. It's time-consuming counting, recording, and replying to comments so often, so this month just comment for fun! :D
I'll be having some contests this month. I'm working on figuring out all the rules and finding prizes and all that, but check back soon! :)

And SilverDawn and PeppyWolf, I've sent you your prizes from last month's giveaway, so AllRiseSilver, you're up! (Or was it TwixGirl101...?) Well, you know if you were in 3rd place or not! So please, third place person, pick your prize! :D 

And what do you think of the new header?? :D I made it myself! XD

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really like the header! And if you need more prizes, I'll be glad to do ate some more--my den inventory is getting really full!

  2. I was third :3 Could I get the 2012 banner please?

  3. I love ur new headline!! :) That's what friends are for :D


  4. Hola. Turtle soup. Land shark. Kidney. Toenail clipping. Bugger. Poop. Thanksgiving. MY MOM... Derp. Me awesome :D


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Thanks so much!

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