Monday, February 18, 2013

Goal! :D And Den Makeovers! :D

Heeeeyyyy everyone! I sent all the contest winners their prizes. Let me know if it didn't go through or something. ;P

Lookie here! I gotz a goal for the year! ^-^ 

*looks for image* O.O It was DELETED! D: nooooooooooooo!! Well, I'll just tell you. It won't be pretty or anything, but here goes:

By the Year 2014, I hope to have...

30,000 Pageviews



I need all your help to make it happen. :) 

And here is your den makeover, Tallstar107! :D I couldn't decide on just one idea, so I did two of them. :3
Hope you like 'em! :D

 I know there aren't many member items in either one of them, but you can add whatever you want wherever you want. :) Let me know if you don't like them! I can totally do something different! ^-^ 
And don't feel obligated to re-do your den if you don't like the ideas. It's perfectly ok. :) They're fun to make! :D

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks so much!

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