Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Voice! :D

Any of you want to hear what I sound like? Well, head on over to my talkshow blog and find out! :D Course, I don't post on it anymore, so all of the videos are old and outdated, but the voice is still the same! ;P 

 Enjoy! ;D 

And here are a few interesting things for you to feast your eyes on. O.o

This was my little hammy, Sterling. He was a winter-white Russian dwarf! ^.^ He died about a year or so ago... :( But he was CUUUUTE!
Here's a picture of some fungus thing that I got a couple years ago before my camera broke! I thought it was neat. :3
Here's a video I took at a rodeo I went to on vacation one time! :D It was AWESOME!! I LOVE horses, so it was neat to see all of them, and see the rodeo and all that. :3 And just so you know, the horses they use are NOT mistreated, they naturally do all that bucking around. They aren't whipped to do it, and they aren't trained to do it - they are bred to do it. And they LOVE it too. :D 

That's our neighbor's dog. :3

Thanks for reading!

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