Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Header! :D Thank you, FrostWolf! :D

MY HEADER FITS PERFECTLY NOW!! Thanks to my AWESOME sister, Sasha! :D (Aka, FrostWolf.. She hates it when I still call her Sasha on here...;) 


Aww! Ain't that purty? :3 I saw that picture and I was like: "=OOO FROSTWOLF!!!!!"
hehehe :3

 And just to show you how BRILLIANT my sister is, here are some of the AwEsOmE pictures she has taken! :D 

Wondering how she got so close to all those animals? Well, we were at Bear Country in South Dakota on vacation a couple years ago. Bear Country is a drive-through wildlife park, so we got to get up close (in our car) to a bunch of AWESOME animals! :D 
That's how. :3 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lol! :D Nice header! :3
    Sasha's still her pen-name, though, isn't it?

  2. I love the pictures she got! And your header is AMAZING!


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